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We Offer Quality Auto Glass Tinting Services

There are instances when a driver is driving, they would get blinded because of the rays of the sun shining on their faces. Instead of wearing sunglasses all the time, you can simply have your vehicle tinted. If you want the tint to be installed properly, you can trust D'Town Custom's to do the job right. You can find our auto glass tinting services in Lake Charles, LA wherein our clients would usually have their vehicles tinted. 

Why Let Us Do It?

Window tinting isn’t an easy task to do. Most of the time, car owners who are still new to doing it would mess up a bunch of times until they are able to install the tint properly. You should also have the proper tools when doing it in order for the tint to be installed correctly. Instead of doing all of that, you can simply drive your vehicle over to us and we will gladly do the window tinting for you. We have staff who are adept in tinting car windows and the customers that we have worked with were satisfied with the tint. We have a wide range of window tints for you to choose from, which is why you should choose us!

Choose Our Window Tinting Services!

The tint that we use for your vehicle is high-quality. We never use cheap products because our goal is to provide only the best kind of services to all of our clients. When installing the tint, we first grab a large piece of tint and we place it on top of the glass. We will trace the raw outline so that we can start installing it. We spray water on top of the window glass so that the tint can stick. We press the tint on the glass and we also use a heat gun so that the remaining water that is inside will evaporate. This can help the tint properly stick as well. We continue doing this until every area has been eliminated from the air pockets. After that, we will then cut the excess tint at the sides. 

Look for D'Town Custom's if you need quality auto glass tinting services. You can find us in Lake Charles, LA if you have a vehicle that needs tinting. Do you have any questions for us? You can also contact us at (337) 936-3820. 

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